Holiday Cookie Exchange

I have never exchanged cookies before. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but I baked cookies only once before, a long time ago. A good friend organized an exchange party and I couldn’t resist.

I decided to go for a traditional chocolate cookie but add a kick: Nutella icing. Yes, I am doubling up on the chocolate and not looking back. I followed a recipe from a baking cookbook I’ve had for years but never used. I should have practiced. From the start, I knew my creations would come out “interesting.” They looked nothing like the picture…isn’t that annoying?

My beloved cookies looked like big, fat turds. I thought that, maybe, a thin layer of Nutella icing would do the trick. They still looked like turds. And, aside from the unappealing exterior, they didn’t even taste like cookies. The experiment, in short, failed. But I had a blast at the party.

Right before the oven. Kinda sad, right?

Ta daaaaaa. Nutellicious. Still, kinda sad.

This experiment made it clear that baking is not easy. Cooking, for that matter, is not easy. But there is no crying in the kitchen. You get right back into it. (In this case, I am taking a small hiatus from baking cookies …) The actual joy is in learning by trial and error. I promise you, my next batch of cookies will be out of this world.


Il biscotto: cookie

Il cioccolato: chocolate

La crema: cream

La festa: the party

L’amica: female friend

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