A homemade Christmas meal

I know, it’s almost been a month and I am just getting to this. My apoligies, but going back to the routine has been much harder than expected. Alas, the food cooked and tasted still lingers in my mouth. At times I can clearly point to the delicious duck made with fresh-from-our-backyard oranges (serously, my parents have two amazing orange trees in the backyard that are also an endless supply of freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast). Or the honey with bits of white truffle spread abundantly on a baguette.


Th duck ready to be served.

The duck was served with creamed cauliflower with a hint of saffron and potatoes.

Cold cuts.

Cold cuts, of course. A staple of Italian cuisine used as an aperitif or as a cold and light meal. Salame, coppa, prosciutto cotto and prosciutto crudo.


The working station.

Yes, that’s how we do it. It’s the most beautiful sight, a large and fully functioning kitchen. My parents designed this beauty with our family’s love of food in mind. It’s no surprise to us that it is still the room we spend the most time in regardless of the time and day: breakfast, lunch, tea, chat, shopping analysis, family meetings, dinner, coffee, dessert and more.


The Christmas table

And voila’, our Christmas table with more food than you can possibly imagine. Decorations and colors thanks to mom, cooking thanks to mom and dad, eating thanks to mom, dad, Gabe, Fra and I.

Of course, Christmas would not be complete without the Pandoro, a sweet bread topped with powder sugar or Panettone, another sweet bread loaf originally from Milano, my hometown. The Panettone has candied fruits and raisings, while the Pandoro is a plain, flowless delicacy. In my family, both il Pandoro and il Panettone are served with the fantastic crema al mascarpone, mascarpone cream: a sinful cream with mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar and liquor.


Il Pandoro – Pandoro                               I saIumi – cold cuts

Il Panettone – Panettone                         Il tartufo – truffle

L’anatra – duck                                         L’arancia – orange

Il cavolfiore – cauliflower                      La colazione – breakfast

Il pranzo – lunch                                       La cena – dinner


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