A morning at Maple Hill Farm – The Local Food Hub

This morning, as part of a volunteer event for Charlottesville’s Future Fund,  a group of about 12 of us trekked to Scottsville, Virginia to help with planting and seeding at Maple Hills Farm, the educational farm of The Local Food Hub, a nonprofit working to strengthen the regional food supply by helping small farmers. Since Francesco and I use our fake balcony as our small…minuscule garden, I jumped at the chance to get dirty.

Maple Hill Farm

This is the entrance to Maple Hill Farm. The farm is about a 18-mile drive from Charlottesville, just a few minutes from downtown Scottsville.


This tractor caught my eye…old, rusty and perfect.



It was an amazing spring morning…the first ray of sunshine after a very LONG winter. The greenhouse was humid and hot, hence the fogged camera lens. Genovese Basil, Roma tomatoes, peppers and flowers are the happy residents of this house.


Potting basil

After seeding flowers and tomatoes, we switched gears and began potting basil plants…hundreds of basil plants that will eventually be sold to raise money for the farm and for the nonprofit.



The farm is house to about 250 chicks and an equal number of chickens. If this photo doesn’t melt your heart, I don’t know what will. Although the farms barely breaks even with their egg business, co-0wner Steve told us that keeping and growing chicks and chickens is a great way to teach local teens how to care for animals.



Just one almost-spring day at Maple Hill Farm: Sun, wind, blue sky, birds chirping. Doesn’t get any better than that.

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