B as in Banana Bread

What’s the best food combination? Chocolate and bananas, of course! Bananas are delicious, healthy and perfect for baking. I love bananas for breakfast, especially coupled with strawberries and blackberries; for a quick eat-at-your-desk work lunch and to satisfy that sweet tooth after dinner. I discovered banana bread in college. I was skeptical of a savory bread—the ones I had tried before were either too sweet or not sweet enough—but I was blown away. I’ve tried multiple versions of this recipe, but this is my favorite. Happy baking!


5 Ripe bananas

1 3/4 Cup of flour

2 3/4 Teaspoons of baking powder

1/2 Teaspoon of salt

2/3 Cup of light brown sugar

2 Eggs

1 Teaspoon of vanilla extract

A hint of honey

When I have ripe bananas laying around the kitchen, I freeze them just for this purpose. I use a lot of bananas, if you like a less dense bread, you can use 4 bananas. Let them thaw until tender. In the mean time, preheat the oven at 350F.

In a bowl, mix the dry ingredients: flour, baking powder and salt and set aside.

Now, for the wet ingredients. In a mixer, combine eggs with light brown sugar and mix until a light and fluffy cream is formed.

Once the egg mixture is ready, peel and smash the ripe bananas and add them to the eggs and sugar. Stir the bananas for about 30 seconds until the new mixture is uniform. Add the vanilla and the hint of honey.

Add the flour, baking powder and salt to the egg and banana mixture and stir until well blended.

I try to incorporate chocolate in all of my baking endeavors. So, I dusted off some semi-sweet chocolate chips that I added to the dough a little bit at a time.

Pour the batter into a greased 9×5 loaf pan. Add chocolate chip to your taste.

Bake in a 350F oven for about 45 minutes.

And here it is! It is the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, or, if you are like me—I love a big breakfast—this bread is an excellent addition to your breakfast regimen. Enjoy!


Le banane – bananas

L’estratto di vaniglia – vanilla extract

La farina – flour

Il cioccolato – chocolate

Il miele – honey

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