Out and About: Vegan pizza from Whole Foods

I am not a big fan of pizza here in the United States. The dough is a bit chewy, the tomato sauce is practically raw sugar and the mozzarella cheese is tasteless. Yes, I am a bit harsh, but imagine my surprise when Francesco and I bit into a slice of vegan pizza at the local Whole Foods Market. The new store is something out of a movie: There is a bar where customers can drink a vast assortment of wines and beers, a homemade pasta section and a wood fire pizza oven that has apparently been crafted and shipped from Italy. Yay!

This was heaven in a slice: The crust was perfectly charred, the tomato sauce was juicy and flavorful and the addition of fresh tomatoes (San Marzano, I presume) was genius. I was so happy I almost cried. This will be my go-to place for pizza. Have you tried it yet?

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