Kobi Levi food-inspired shoes

It’s Friday and the weekend brings good and happy thoughts. Although we are impatiently waiting Hurricane Irene, Francesco and I are actively house hunting and, of course, cooking up a storm. So, expect some delicious fajitas all’italiana coming your way. Yes, this post is really random, but let me explain. I have two weaknesses in life: chocolate and shoes. Imagine my delight when I discovered these!! Kobi Levi is a freelance designer and, obviously, pure genius.

The banana peel shoe. Fantastic. It will go with anything in my closet, because, really, do you need an excuse to wear a pair of these? (Image)

Tea or coffee cup? Who cares. Amazing. (Image)

The coffee or tea cup even in black. (Image)

Not a food-related shoe, I know, but I couldn’t resist. (Image)

Pardon. Again. But, hello? I want a pair now. (Image)

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