DIY Project: Our very own vegetable garden

With the new house have come new noises at night, new hiding spots for Diego, adjustments to a new routine and a fantastic grassy backyard completed with a fish pond (and a waterfall, no less).

Although I grew up with a vegetable garden and parents who believe in growing our own food (and grandparents who were farmers), I never actually spent any time asking important questions about gardening or growing food. All I thought I needed to see veggies grow were seeds, or plants, sun and water. Oh, was I mistaken. Sure, sun and water are the fundamental ingredients for a bountiful garden, but knowing what type of soil you have is just, if not more, as important. Good thing luck was on my side: My garden rests on very fertile land!

The trick now is not screwing it up. The gorgeous raised/rock beds already inhabited our yard, so we can’t take credit for them, but the happy and sprouting greenery is definitely our doing.

I went a little veggie-plant crazy, but I believe we have the beginning of a great produce season. First off, three plants of zucchine and one of watermelon. I’ve probably said this over and over, but watermelon is one of my favorite foods, ever. It won’t be easy for the little plant to grow, but I am giving it my best care (and I am happy to report it is doing just fine).

A vegetable garden cannot be complete without basil (can you imagine how many jars of pesto I will make by mid-summer? I can hardly wait!) The vegetable I completely lost my mind with is tomatoes. I have 8 plants of many different types of tomatoes: Roma, grape, heirlooms. The scent of their leaves is so distinct, strong but not overwhelming. I am in love with my tomato plants.

Ah, lettuce: the best summer treats. We have two kinds in the garden: a buttery one (my favorite) and an arugula look-alike, perfect for a little spice aftertaste.

And mint: a request from Francesco. As they say….when life gives you mint, make Mojitos!

Of course, my favorite flower…the daisy.

One of my favorite features of the backyard is our fish pond: 19 koi and beautiful waterlilies, I take it as a sign of good luck. May be garden force be with you! 🙂